Toni "HalfBreeds" Arakaki

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Who's Toni Arakaki?

Nickname: Half Breeds ( Japanese and Filipino Lineage)

Residence: Okinawa, Japan

Living in Okinawa, Japan. Toni is a passionate motorsports enthusiast and has been drifting since 2002. Toni’s been actively participating in several drift series since 2011, including Drift Muscle, MSC Super Class, King of Asia Pro Drift, King of Nations Pro Drift, and King of Europe Pro Drift. Toni had the opportunity to also represent the Philippines at the FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup held in Odaiba, Japan in 2018.

Competition Licenses Obtained

D1 Grand Prix Japan License

Japan Automobile Federation Competition License

FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup License

Drift Muscle Series “Super Muscle Class”

MSC Super Class

King of Asia Pro Drift Series

King of Nation Pro Drift Series

King of Europe Pro Drift Series

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